2018 – Helen’s Healthy New Year Resolutions

Healthy New Year

Healthy New Years Resolutions

So for the last couple of months in 2017 I struggled with my health, suffering from the worst chest infection of my life that just wouldn’t disappear.

Well guess what! I’m back with a bang (just like those fireworks on NYE) hello 2018!

Here are my top 5 fitness related New Year Resolutions – that unlike all those end of year promises I usually make I’m sticking to them!

1) Eat healthier!

Goodbye Mr Lindt Chocolate Santa (you were good while you lasted – and before you ended up in my belly!) How could I resist I had a Lindt Advent Calendar – and we all knew Santa was behind day 24!)

I’m swapping the choc for healthier snack options such as a piece of fruit or even asking myself am I really that hungry for a snack!

Then asking myself, well if I am craving a massive snack attack am I making the most out of my breakfast, lunch and dinner meals!

My fav go to snack at the moment is a Pink Lady apple!

2) Drink more water!

My second resolution is to make sure I am upping my water intake.

Some days I finish work and realise that after 10 hours all I had drunk was one cup of water, if that!

So I now use one of these water bottles that encourage me to drink more water and help me keep on track!

3) Get myself back to the Gym!

My goal is to get back to the gym (that I’ve been paying a monthly membership for and not making the most of the facilities available).

With so many offers available in the New Year, trying to get people hooked! Why don’t you join one today too!

4) New Trainers

My favourite trainers are completely worn out and you can see my toes poking through!

With the January sales in full swing, now is the perfect time to grab myself a pair. With some many different kinds available (whether you need ones for the gym, running – there is something for everyone!)

5) Do More Running Races

During Summer last year I was packing in the timed runs. With soooooo many FREE local timed 5k runs – there’s no excuse why you shouldn’t take part.

Even if you struggle – if you put the work in you will improve and be able to jog/run the whole course.

I noticed each run I did last year, my times were improving.

Not only did I feel like I had accomplished something when I crossed the finish line, I also really enjoyed cranking up the music. Instead of running on a treadmill, I was out in the open air.

It is well worth having some music blasting in your ears to help keep you motivated while you run, so take a look at these phone holders:

If you have any questions, then please ask 🙂

Helen x

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