5 Benefits Of Body Weight Training

Benefits Of Body weight Training

5 Benefits Of Body Weight Training

5 Benefits Of Bodyweight Training

Bodyweight training has been doing the rounds for years now, but it is gaining in popularity once again.

This is fantastic news because these involve minimal equipment and only a small amount of space! There are many benefits of bodyweight training and here we list 5 of them!

No excuses, get on it chicks!


What Are Bodyweight Exercises?

When it comes to sculpting your ideal body, you really do not need to be spending loads of cash on gym memberships or fancy home equipment.

Bodyweight training, also known as callisthenics, is a form of exercise that utilises the weight of your own body as a means of resistance.

This means you are using your own body weight as resistance to gravity!

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Sarah’s Top 5 Benefits of Bodyweight Training

Less Risk Of Injury

You are less likely to injure yourself by overloading your joints or your muscles, because you are working with your own resistance.

BUT don’t let this fool you into thinking you’re not going to get much of a workout – you may be surprised at just how challenging a body weight workout routine can be!

The Flexibility

Not being confined to specific places to exercise, or the opening hours of your local gym, gives you so much freedom and therefore eliminates any excuses not to work out!

Bodyweight training allows you to workout when and where you want, giving you the option to exercise inside, outside, or at 4am in the morning if that’s what suits you.

Good luck with that!

You Can Use Your Environment To Enhance Your Workout.

Be a big kid and have some fun!

Try doing tricep dips and step-ups using a park bench, monkey bars for pull-ups or perform plyo jumps off a curb side.

Try not to worry about passers by giving you funny looks – you get used to it!

Everyone Can Do It!

From complete newbies to total fitness junkies, bodyweight training is going to provide you with a range of exercises that will enhance your strength and change your body composition for the better!

Of course, if serious bulking up is your goal then you might want to complement your bodyweight workouts with some heavier resistance training, but you will still get stronger and leaner whilst practising bodyweight training.

Example –PUSH UPS

  1. Beginners – perform on your knees
  2. Intermediate – regular push-ups
  3. Advanced – clapping push-ups. push-up jacks, one-legged push-ups, one-armed push-ups – there is no limit to how crazy you can get with it!

Example – LUNGES

  1. Beginners – static lunges
  2. Intermediate – walking lunges
  3. Advanced – jumping lunges – ouch, my quads are burning just thinking about it!

Combine Cardio And Strength Training.

For serious results, try mixing strength moves like push-ups and lunges with jumping jacks or squat thrusts for cardio.

Not forgetting of course my very favourite bodyweight move – burpees!

I literally have hundreds of burpee variations I could share with you, but that’s another blog post!

Burn Fat Fast – With A Bodyweight Workout!

Getting fit doesn’t have to be complicated, chicks.

Bodyweight training is a super-efficient workout, where you can burn fat—fast.

At any fitness level, it’s still challenging and there’s never an excuse to not workout.

I am known for delivering entire bootcamp sessions using no equipment whatsoever and my clients still get an amazing workout! I know because they moan to me about how much they ache the next day 🙂

So start bodyweight training today!

Sarah x

5 Benefits Of Body Weight Training
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5 Benefits Of Body Weight Training
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1 Comment

  1. Logan Cross says:

    No doubt, bodyweight training is an effective way to train your entire body, gain strength, flexibility, and overall health. But the point in question is, as there are various forms of workouts, then why should one start bodyweight training? In this context, if you consider my slant, then I can say that the bodyweight training will never require a gym membership. In other words, you can perform bodyweight exercise at your place of residence- which will help you to save money and time. Yes, you can eliminate the likelihood of boredom by customizing your bodyweight training. Excluding this benefit, the rate of fat loss is higher than physical activities. You can also perform some exercises without an equipment. So, plan your own workout routine, and follow that routine regularly to develop a great physique and enhance your metabolism faster.

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