5 Charity Runs To Keep Your Exercise Interesting

Charity Runs

5 Charity Runs To Keep Your Exercise Interesting

Charity Runs

Sometimes doing the same old workout, using the same equipment can become boring!

If your aim is charity runs (or exercise events), then good for you! It’s a great goal and it is a great way to make yourself useful for charity.

Here I list 5 charity events I completed in 2016.


Stop Making Exercise Excuses!

You may find yourself making up excuses as to why you can not make that day’s session.

During the year I try and mix up my exercise!

Monday’s, Thursday’s and Sunday’s are my Celebrity Circuit days.

On Monday the three Health Chicks will meet at the Celebrity Circuit HQ and Sarah will put us through our paces using circuit training.

It’s also weigh in day, gulp!

I find it benefits me having weigh in day at the start at the week because if I’ve had a blip (We all do!), I know I’ve got 6 days to improve those readings!

Thursday’s are Skipfit. I loved skipping at school – and I love this class! It is surprising the workout a skipping rope can give you!

On Sunday it’s boot-camp circuits outside – Whatever the weather!

One other night of the week I will head to the gym to use the machines. I normally start off on the running machine, head to the leg press and chest press before hitting the mat for a floor workout.

I am also lucky enough to have a work gym so if I’m feeling like I need it, I will head to the gym for a quick 30 minute lunch workout.

In order to mix it up a bit I try and sign up for a few charity events throughout the year.

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5 Charity Runs I loved Doing In 2016!

Pretty Muddy 5K Race for Life

This is an extremely fun charity run! As the title suggest, you get…..pretty muddy!

It is a run for Cancer – so something that I am sure is close to many readers hearts.

Pretty Muddy Run

8k Memory Walk for the Alzheimer’s Society

I love this event as my Gran suffered from this terrible disease!

Every year during the walk it allows me to zone out and remember my Gran. Whether that be the year she wrapped up a block of cheese for me at Xmas (I used to eat all her cheese!) or going to her house for dinner before going to watch Gillingham play on a Saturday.

Memory Walk

Colour Vibe 5K

This is tremendous fun! Both for the running and for eyes! All those colours…..

There are multiple charities that benefit from this so take a look at the Colour Vibe run close to you.

Colour Vibe UK

Colour Vibe USA

Big Fun Run at Mote Park

This took place on the hottest day of they year so was a massive challenge. I completed it in around 26 minutes.

There are over 100 charities you can chose to donate to when you enter this fun run.

Big Fun Run

The Major Series 10K

The Royal British Legion is a fantastic charity. It gives you the opportunity to raise money to give life long support to those who deserve it.

This was by far the hardest one I have taken part in, because the furthest I had run before was 5K!

It really tested my fitness levels as not only did you have to complete the 10K, you were also given military style obstacles at various stages.

You had to wade through ice cold water waist deep!

As an added bonus, they give you Jelly Babies as you make your way around the course! Winner!

The Major Series

2017 Charity Runs – The Health Chicks Way

The Health Chicks this year are looking to take part in even more charity runs, including the Bear Grylls Survival Race.

Taking part in these charity runs and events adds the fun element to your exercise and also enables you to help charity.

So why not have a look at some of the events in your local area and get signed up!

Don’t forget to post the pictures on our page or Instagram! We will look forward to seeing them!

Helen x

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