5 Christmas Gift Ideas For That Fitness Fanatic Friend!

Christmas gift ideas for a fitness fanatic

5 Christmas Gift Ideas For That Fitness Fanatic Friend!

Christmas gift ideas health

Christmas is just around the corner and you may be struggling to find gift ideas for you fitness mad friend.

Well if you are, don’t panic! Here we have 5 Christmas (Fitness related) gift ideas for you.

Why Christmas Is A Good Time For Fitness

If you have read my latest blog about the amount of food I plan to eat, you will understand why you still need to remain fit and active during the Christmas period!

That doesn’t mean just the time after Christmas, when every person and his dog are out running ‘New Year – New Me’. I am talking about the build up to Christmas too. It is too easy to fall into the trap of ‘Oh it’s Christmas, I’ll just eat and drink whenever I want‘ so it is time, now, to prepare physically and mentally.

Put the break on the obsessive need to eat and drink too much, your future self will thank you!

Got that sorted? Good – lets move on to the gifts that can help you or your friends shed the Christmas calorie intake so you can get back to your best while everyone else remains sluggish. Go you!

5 Christmas Gift Ideas For A Fitness Fanatic

Christmas Fitness Gift Idea – Number 1 – FitBit

You probably guessed it already! Us Health Chicks LOVE our FitBits, and for good reason.

Tracking calories burned – Check!

Tracking sleep – Check!

Get FaceBook Notifications – Check – well, on this FitBit you can!

Challenge Friends – Check!

The FitBit is a fitness fanatics perfect wrist buddy. It has everything you need to help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Christmas Fitness Gift Idea – Number 2 – Joe Wicks

Ok, that is kinda misleading. You won’t get Joe Wicks in your stocking, as much as you want to….it just ain’t happening.

BUT – the next best thing is a Joe Wicks Fitness DVD or BOOK.

He has bought out a very nice collection of books, including:

The Lean in 15 Collection

Cooking for Family and Friends

…and has some fantastic DVDs, where you can join it or just watch him in action:

Joe Wicks The Body Coach Workout

Joe Wicks – Lean in 15 – Workouts

Christmas Fitness Gift Idea – Number 3 – Body Fat Scales

Here is one they will not be using straight away on Christmas morning….or Boxing Day. It might just sit there until the New Year before the batteries go in BUT it is a great idea to keep track of your body fat percentage. 

We are not talking about normal scales here, they are good but they are not the whole picture.

You can get scales that link up to you phone – 1byone Bluetooth Body Fat Scale.

Nokia Body Cardio will link up your WiFi! So will the Nokia Body+

Christmas Fitness Gift Idea – Number 4 – Fitness Leggings

Fitness clothes are a great gift idea! 

Health Chick Lianne has some Queenie Ke Women Power Stretch leggings, which she absolutely loves! They are available with tons of different patterns and are available in many different sizes.

If you are after something funky, check out the Souke Sports Women’s Running Pants range. I dare ya!

Christmas Fitness Gift Idea – Number 5 – Trainers

There is no better way to kick off a Christmas Day than a wonderful jog out in the fresh Christmas air.

I’m joking of course, most of you will be tucking into a pancake or some random sweets that you opened from someone….

BUT, you can help a friend blast away the Christmas chunk with a wicked pair of trainers!

The lovely Lianne (Another mention!) swears by Asics…..the only trainers she wears for her workouts.

They have some beautiful trainers on Amazon:

Asics Women’s Patriot 8 Running Shoes

Asics Women’s Gel-Cumulus 18 Running Shoes

So take a look! There are other brands available but you cannot go wrong with a pair of Asics running shoes.

Merry Christmas!

Helen x

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5 Christmas Gift Ideas For That Fitness Fanatic Friend!
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