6 Simple Tips To Get More Sleep And Feel Healthier

Tips To Get More Sleep

6 Simple Tips To Get More Sleep And Feel Healthier

Tips To Get More Sleep

Sleep is very important for us Health Chicks. Not only do we get to rest after a busy day, it is the time when our bodies are running in full on recovery mode!

We have put together these 6 simple tips to get more sleep for your aching, workout ravaged bodies!

You can go ahead and get some rest, just after you’ve read the article…..unless you have work. That sucks!

Sleep, Why Is It So Important?

If you are like me, I often struggle to fall asleep at night and when I do I will wake up several times…just…..for no reason.

Making sure you get enough zzzzzzz’s is of vital importance! These reasons should be enough to convince you:

  1. Your muscles grow and repair while you sleep.

  2. You will eat less  the next day (Studies show tiredness increases the need for sugar!)

  3. You will have a clear mind to make good decisions.

  4. Your production levels go through the roof!

So you see…..those reasons, plus plenty of others, should ensure you become aware of your sleeping patterns. Then you can make steps to improve your sleep!

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Mobile Phones And Social Media – Your Brain Can’t Shut Down!

One of the major contributions to us not being able to switch off at bedtime is our mobile phones.

If you’re sending a text or just having one final check on social media (Just in case you have missed something really important!) – step away from the phone!

Unless you are looking at The Health Chick’s social media pages 😉

By checking your phone right before sleep, you are keeping your brain active which then makes it harder to fall asleep.

Now onto the 6 tips to get more sleep!

My 6 Top Tips To Get More Sleep

Create a routine

Create a routine like you would with a baby or toddler.

Try as much as possible to go to sleep and wake up at the same times each day. I have a simple routine:

  1. Get a drink of water
  2. Make sure the front door is locked
  3. Brush teeth
  4. Put phone on charge
  5. Switch off the lights
  6. Lay down

Your body will get used to this routine and will start filling your body with Melatonin, which will help induce a good nights sleep.


Doing any sort of exercise throughout the day will improve your sleep quality. So do that workout, take a walk or go up the stairs instead of taking the lift!

Some days I get off my train a stop earlier so I have an bit of an extra walk into work, especially if it’s a nice day.

More exercise will tire your body out, meaning it will be needing sleep to repair and recover your aching muscles.

Do Not Check Your Phone Less Than 30 Minutes Before Bed

Step away from your phone in bed!

Put it on silent if you use it as an alarm clock so that a text message or phone call will not disturb you.

Turn it over so that when it alerts you to an incoming notification, the light from the phone does not wake you.

You need your mind to shut down and in giving it that extra bit of stimulation before you sleep, you are making it difficult to drop off.

Avoid Heavy Meals Before Bed

Give your body the chance to start working of the food you have given it before bed.

Eating a heavy meal can make you feel bloated and can create that feeling when you lay down that the food is just laying in your stomach.

Also, your metabolism can been revved up with the meal, so your body is chugging away trying to deal with it, right when you want to go to sleep…..there is also that blood sugar spike!

Do not skip a meal though. Just add some extra time before you go to bed.

Your Bedroom Should Be Your Relaxation Place

So – keep your room a decent temperature, have comfortable bedding (go on treat yourself to that new pillow or duvet) and try to keep your room as quiet as possible.

Sometimes, your body and mind may get confused if you are using your bed for something other than sleep (I am not talking about that, by the way!). Many people will lay in bed watching TV or a film. You need your body to associate your bed with sleep, nothing else…..or maybe just one other thing 😉

Follow these steps and your quality of sleep should improve (you can always give counting sheep a try too! I do this if sometimes I have a lot on my mind and I can’t switch off).

Fitbit Rules!

I try to wear my Fitbit to bed as well so I can keep track of my sleep. It tells you how long you were asleep for, when you fell asleep and woke up, plus how many times you were restless or awake during your sleep.

Tips To Get More Sleep

I use the Fitbit Charge HR to get these stats.

Sitting alongside these tips to get more sleep, there are also some fantastic products that can assist with your sleep – such as books, pillows or eye-masks!

Some of my personal favourites are:

Magnesium supplements can help if you have a deficiency:

Helen x

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