My name is Helen and I am the 3rd member of the Health Chicks. The other 2 chicks are my motivation!

Growing Up and Starting Work Life

I never really struggled with my weight growing up – I was one of the lucky ones! I could pretty much eat what I wanted without any effect on my body.

Then I hit the big 20.

My lifestyle completely changed. I left the family home to move in with my boyfriend and starting working long hours in London. I was now responsible for making my own meals.

My boyfriend worked shifts meaning we spent little time together and when we did it would usually involve dining out or ordering in takeaway (Delivery, obviously). Kebabs, burgers or a jumbo sausage with chips. You name it – I was stuffing it down with no thought of what I was eating. If you said the word fruit – I would have needed the dictionary. Exercising was easy though, I never did any.

Eating junk food was combined with getting up at 5am for work, leaving the house having eaten no breakfast. I would get to my desk at 08:30 and my first though about what I could eat. Here is the justification for this, bear with me:

I get up at 05:00 and it is now 3 and 1/2 hours later. If I had got up at 08:30, add 3 and 1/2 hours and you’ve got lunchtime! See, told you didn’t I.

Work Day Food Diary…..

Typical work day snack 1 : 10:30 – Piece of cake and a 4 finger KitKat. I said AND, not OR. I ate both, just wanted to clear that up.

Next was lunch – or counting down the seconds until lunch at least. Lunch

Typical work day lunch: 12:00-13:00 – Sandwich (Shop bought but still not that bad), bag of crips (Chips in the US) and a chocolate bar. Salad cream was on hand to dip the sandwich and crisps into.

Typical work day snack 2: 14:00 – raid the vending machine. Usually for chocolate.

I know i have mentioned two snacks so far – I need to tell you about the packets of biscuits I stored away. Basically, 1 packet would last 2 days.

17:00 – Finished! Long trip home.

20:00 – Arrive home. Standard dinner was a tin of something on toast. Preference being for ravioli.

Drinks throughout the day: Coke. Lots of Coke.

Realisation Stage

Towards the end of my 6.5 year relationship I became unhappy with where things were going. This is when I really noticed a change in my appearance. My dress size went from a 8/10 to a tight fitting 12.

My fiance told me I was too heavy to lift! That sparked a decline into a bad place.

What I saw in the mirror was not me. This chubby face girl with zero confidence was not the Helen I recognised – who was this girl 🙁

People who had known me for years noticed the change too. I wouldn’t make eye contact with them, instead choosing to look at the floor. Instead of having a chat with them, I would glance quickly and wave.

Change Time!

In December 2013, I decided things needed to change – I couldn’t carry on being this unhappy.

I made one of the hardest decisions of my life. I moved back home and left my fiance. Our engagement party was only 9 months earlier!

Then I met Sarah. We got chatting and became close friends. She told me she was starting a PT business and asked if I would like to come along to a class. At first I was unsure – I had never exercised before and I was feeling so self conscious.

So Sarah encouraged me to come along and give it a go. I took my sister for some support. After attending a couple of evening classes with Celebrity Circuits I noticed a girl at the front – she always had a smile on her face and had the most infectious laugh. At first I felt jealous of this girl – she seemed so happy and full of confidence. Why couldn’t I feel like her.

I don’t remember how it happened – but this girl joined my 1 on 1 sessions with me and I am so glad she did as her happiness started to rub back onto me. Her name was Lianne

My eating habits started to improve and I was working out 3-4 times a week with my two chicks even if it was just for half an hour when I could fit it in around my working hours.

Return of the Old Helen!

Suddenly I noticed the “old Helen” was coming back. I could look people in the eye and more importantly, at myself in the mirror (My hair hand’t been done for years by this point!).

I firmly believe things happen for a reason in life. If I hadn’t made that hard decision then I wouldn’t have met the 2 people who brought out the old Helen again. These two chicks changed my life – they keep me on track and motivated. I never want to be that person again (can’t lie though, I am still partial to the odd biscuit….or two) 😉