Hi, I am Lianne and I am one of the contributors for The Health Chicks. I wanted to share my journey with you, starting from the early days where I struggled with weight to now, where I am much happier and healthier

The weight issues started as a 9 years old when I would spend my pocket money at the local bakery and ‘Bills Sweet Shop’.

My Mum noticed as I started to put weight on and if she dared to mentioned it, I would just start shouting back!

Bloody hell, she was only trying to help!

Secondary School Years

By the time I started secondary School, I ballooned. I would eat (a lot) from the canteen and sit with the nerds and bigger  kids just to blend in.

The bullying started and a nickname was created, just for me!

60 chins – I actually had 62 chins, idiots.

I also used to lock myself in the toilet at School – just to keep out of the way.

My Mum (Despite me shouting at her!) booked me an appointment with a dietitian. These consultations helped me gain an understanding of the food I was eating. I would also have monthly weigh ins to check progress.

It worked! The weight dropped off and I was able to start wearing fashionable clothes! – They were fashionable at the time, OK!

One day, I decided…..after all the hard work…..I would treat myself. I walked into a shop and bought a chocolate bar. It didn’t stop there. It triggered the old me and the weight piled back on as I stuffed sugary treats and fizzy drinks into my mouth.

New School – Health Chick Nightmare!

At age 14 my family moved from Scotland to Kent. This meant a new School.


My first year at the school I stayed big and the bullying started once again.

At least they didn’t call me 60 chins!

My diet consisted of (But certainly wasn’t limited to):

  • Burgers (From the burger van)
  • Ice Cream (From the Ice Cream van)

I had just reached 15 (Age, not stone) and I wanted to start losing weight (Yup, this phase again). My Mum bought me all the Slim Fast shakes and I drifted down to a size 10 (From 16). It worked, but without a change in attitude and lifestyle, it wasn’t sustainable.

I left School, aged 15. No qualifications…..but hey.

Work Years

I got a job at a Hair Salon as a Saturday girl. At last, no bullying! I was around older people in a lovely environment.

At 17 years old I qualified as a hair Stylist and at 18 my parents moved away, but I decided to stay in Kent.

I had three things in my life, which I loved:




Most of my time (Outside of work, obvs.) was spent cruising in the car with friends until the early hours. I would keep my car fuelled up with petrol and my body fuelled up with chips (with cheese), burgers and drinking Coke.

You guess it, the weight started to creep back on.

At age 19 I had my first relationship, and the weight was creeping on more and more. I used to pick him up and take him back to army camp most weekends and we used to snack (a fair bit) and eat takeaways (A fair bit more).

Then the clubs started calling…..I was a party animal! The obvious next step is a few 18-30 holidays. The booze, the food….even with the bad dancing I was smashing it, all the way to a size 18!

My confidence was at an all time low.

You know those lovely friends…..the ones you haven’t seen in a while….the ones who say ‘Haven’t you put weight on’. Bloody cheek! They were right though.

There I was, 21 and single. Obviously, that’s a time when the weight loss period started again. Low fat everything….Weight Watcher meals…..I got down to a size 14 and felt great (Again!). I was back on the dating scene.

New Relationship

Here we go again, you guessed it. I got comfortable. Takeaways, drinking…followed by low confidence (Which meant more eating!)

Sitting down was always a struggle for me, I just wouldn’t do it….you never know when your ‘spare tyre’ would be spotted out in the wild.

Single again!

Weight loss…AGAIN. At this point, dress size 12.

Since I was single again, I watched what I ate, which meant back on the low fat diet. I introduced fasting days, started pole dancing lessons (Its a good way to keep in shape – you don’t want to break someone else’s pole!)

At Last – Wife Material

At 28 I started a new relationship, 8 weeks into the relationship he proposed, 11 months later we were married. It was quick work! Our honeymoon was a 3 week road trip, starting in California. I even bought some slimming tablets because I was so obsessed with not putting weight on.

Stepping on the flight home, one of the airline workers said ‘Damn girl, you got some big arms’. Consequently, I had to walk past passengers on the plane with a few tears in my eyes!

When I got back to the UK, I made a few trips up to London to have Velashape treatment in an attempt to make my arms smaller, I spent a fortune!

Baby Maker

This Health Chick wanted to start a family (Seems like next logical step, right?). In 2014 our baby boy was born! As a result, I was bigger again (the reason was much better this time though).

The tiredness meant, rather than eating healthily, I was drawn to eating high carb dinners and surgery snacks. I wanted to lose the baby weight, but my tired brain was having none of it.

I went to a baby group and one of the Mums mentioned she had recently started a baby fit class. The decision was made, I was going!

This single decision sparked my fitness bug, which has only become stronger!

I progressed to other classes with the same instructor (Sarah, you can read her story HERE). Sarah runs a business called Celebrity Circuits. I absolutely love being part of it, and it is where I met Helen!

Now by diet consists of low(ish) calorie days during the week, as a result, I am allowed a few treats at the weekend.

I am constantly battling with friends on FitBit! A must for the aspiring Health Chicks!

I have finally found my way, but it’s been a long journey. Most of all, my fitness, family and work life work together seamlessly.

I feel fantastic in life!