Sarah Swainsbury

Hi, I am Sarah and I love being part of the Health Chicks Team!

I have been struggling with my weight my entire life – for years I claimed it wasn’t my fault, I had the metabolism of a snail!

The weight gain become noticeably more significant when I started working in London in 2010.

Three course, booze filled client lunches every day- mocktail were for the weak!

Most days started with dehydration…..and a hang over too! Add the daily commute to that and as a result, you get a chick clearly not up for smashing the gym after work!

Food was easy though, shop bought sandwiches and packets of crisps (eww!). The vending machine kept me from wasting away with treats of chocolate and fizzy drinks – conveniently nearby!

I was getting heavier and heavier and working long hours so I didn’t have much time to think about it, let alone fix it!

Yup, I had all the excuses!

Proposal Time!

On Christmas Day 2011, my boyfriend asked me to marry him (OMG someone wanted to marry the big chick!).

Before even saying yes, my brain was running amok with images of me squeezing down the aisle, knocking peoples cameras out of their hands. Instantly, I snapped out of it. YES – said.


In light of the images my brain conjured up, I made up my mind that I needed to get healthy and drop the weight – for the sake of those cameras.

To really look at yourself can be a real eye opener, the Christmas period gave me the opportunity to do just that.

Are you happy?

Nope. That answer was immediate (Well duh!).

I was prioritising a job that I didn’t really like that much over everything else. I had no time whatsoever for myself which resulted in me being big, tired and sluggish.

For those reasons, the decision was made and the weight loss would be a core part of the wedding planning process. Like choosing chair covers.

The change was immediate. The excuses were not cutting it. Instead of the pub at lunch, I chose the gym.

Five days, every week. Two rest days.

  • Spinning Classes
  • Running
  • Boot Camp
  • Circuit Training

During the early visits to the gym, I was mega self conscious. Then I noticed the weight drop off.

The reading on the scales dropped, hence my confidence rocketed!

Look at me, I got HOT!

Three stone in nine months I lost! Imagine my excitement, ordering a size 10 wedding dress!

After strutting my stuff down the aisle in May 2013, I continued to be committed to this new lifestyle. The change I felt in myself was absolutely incredible.

I swapped an addiction to Pinot Grigio coupled with Krispy Kreme donuts to an addiction to the confidence that being healthy had given me.

Instead of a p*sshead, people now saw me as a gym bunny – I loved it!

Life Changing

This new healthy living change was the catalyst for me to change other aspects my life, so I started with my job.

I didn’t like it – deep down I knew it.

Ok, so if I left, I couldn’t nip down to Micheal Kors on my lunch break! It didn’t matter. Really it didn’t.


Not at all.

One of the passions in my life (Now Krispy Kreme’s were no longer an option) was help others to transform their lives and achieve their fitness goals.

So I didn’t hang about.

I started to obtain the appropriate fitness qualifications.

Whilst on maternity leave (I got pregnant pretty much on the day of my wedding!), I launched my fitness business – Celebrity Circuits.

Fast forward three year and I am now a Mum of two, as well as a (pretty awesome) Personal Trainer with a successful business under my new belt. I am a specialist in pre and post natal exercise (After all, I have got experience with that one!).

Even as a trainer, it is not easy to stay motivated 100% of the time and I know finding time to exercise when you are busy looking after a baby can be a struggle.

Have you ever tried to rep out 20 military style push-ups with a toddler on your back?

You haven’t lived!

I have experienced the positive effects that come with boosting a persons fitness levels. I have no doubt, the difference it can make to someones life is immense.

So each day, I set out in my role as a personal trainer to push someone to achieve the body they dream about.

Finally – I can say I feel so much more organised, happy and strong in both my health and my career.

This keeps me motivated, each and every day!

Sarah Swainsbury

Personal Trainer/Boot Camp Instructor/Post Natal Exercise Specialist