Halloween Workout – Pump-kin It Up! Body Weight Training!

Pumpkin Body Weight Workout

Halloween Workout – Pump-kin It Up! Body Weight Training!

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to get frighteningly fit!

There’s no need to fear all those Trick or Treat goodies – in this blog post I show you how to get a terrifyingly good workout, using nothing but a pumpkin!

Yes, that’s right it’s time to pump-kin it up!

Fancy dress optional…

Pumpkin Body Weight Workout
pumpkin body weight workout 1

What Are The Rules Of The Pumpkin Workout?

  1. Basically any exercise you can do with a medicine ball you can also do with a pumpkin – no excuses!
  2. Don’t be afraid to go heavy!
  3. Don’t forget to warm up with some light cardio and dynamic stretching – I would recommend 30 seconds of the following: haunted high knees, beastly butt kickers, petrifying punches and terrifying toe taps.
  4. Line up the Halloween tunes for added workout motivation – personally I think you can’t beat a bit of Thriller, when you’re repping out 50 bloodcurdling burpees!

The Pumpkin Workout! Be Afraid!

This is the workout my Celebrity Circuits ladies did last year and oh man did we ache the next day!

1-minute per move, repeat circuit 4 times for a shockingly good workout in under 35 minutes!

  • Spooky squat and press

Start with pumpkin at chest level. Drop into a squat then as you come back up press the pumpkin above your head.

Lower the pumpkin back down and repeat.

pumpkin body weight workout 2
  • Wailing wood chops – great for the abs!

Start with your feet a little wider than hip distance apart, keeping the knees slightly bent, and bring the pumpkin to your left shoulder.

On an exhale, “chop” the pumpkin down diagonally across your body toward your right knee.

Focus on the rotation coming from your torso.

Control the pumpkin back up to the starting position.

This completes one rep.

pumpkin body weight workout 3
  • Jumping jack-o-lanterns with press – Cardio time!

Stand with feet together and pumpkin at chest level then jump your feet out wide whilst simultaneously raising the pumpkin up over your head.

Then jump back in whilst lowering the pumpkin and repeat.

pumpkin body weight workout 4
  • Wicked walking lunges

Walking lunges are a must if you want great legs and adding the pumpkin as weight helps increase the intensity!

Stand upright, feet together, and take a step forward with your right leg, lowering your hips toward the floor by bending both knees to 90-degree angles.

The back knee should be close to the ground, and your front knee should be directly over the ankle.

Press your right heel into the ground, and then push off with your left foot to bring your left leg forward, stepping into a lunge on the other side.

Either hold the pumpkin out in front of you or straight above your head to really work those shoulders!

pumpkin body weight workout 5
  • Terrible travelling push-ups

Assume the classic push-up position, with one hand on the pumpkin and your other hand on the ground.

From here, perform a full push-up.

You then ‘travel’ (move sideways) by bringing the hand that’s on the ground up onto the pumpkin and then moving the other hand down to the ground.

Perform a full push-up and keep switching hands for 1 minute.

Beginners you can do these on your knees!

pumpkin body weight workout 6
  • Lurking low to highs

Squat down, and twist left to hold the pumpkin on the outside of your left leg.

Exhale, and lift the pumpkin diagonally across your body, ending twisted to the right with the pumpkin above your head.

Pivot on your left foot as needed.

This move feels a bit awkward at first but it’s great for legs, core, arms and shoulders – what’s not to love!

pumpkin body weight workout 7
  • Spine-chilling squat hold

Keeping your heels under your hips, and toes pointed slightly out with your chest up, move your hips back and down and squat down until thighs are parallel with the floor.

Hold squat position while keeping your weight in your heels, not your toes.

The added weight of the pumpkin just adds that little bit of extra torture to those quads!

pumpkin body weight workout 8
  • Revolting Russian Twists

Lie on your back with your knees bent and your heels on the floor.

Now sit about halfway up and, keeping arms straight, hold the pumpkin directly out in front of you.

Take a deep breath and then exhale while slowly twisting your torso as far to the right as you can manage without changing the angle of your torso from the floor.

Now inhale slowly and rotate your torso back to the starting position.

Repeat by rotating torso to the left side.

This one is great for targeting those obliques – remember, the heavier the pumpkin the better the workout!

Live in Ashford, Kent? Join Celebrity Circuits and the Health Chicks for our Pump-kin It Up Workout on Sunday 29th October! Class starts at 9.30am and takes place at Bridgefield park area. All you need to bring with you in a bottle of water, a workout mat or towel and a pumpkin! £5 for the session, all fitness levels welcome.

If you have any questions, then please ask 🙂

Sarah x

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Halloween Workout – Pump-kin It Up! Body Weight Training!
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Halloween Workout – Pump-kin It Up! Body Weight Training!
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