My Anxiety Struggles With Food And Exercise

Anxiety Struggles With Food And Exercise

We all know someone (it might even be you) that suffers with Anxiety. If you are like me and you suffer with Anxiety and OCD then most days it is hard to find that energy to workout or make the right food choices.

I must say over the last 4-5 days my anxiety got the better of me! Working out and eating healthily went out the window. The frantic cleaning session had begun, and the shouting was there for all to hear!

It was only thanks to some very good friends (I include Lianne!) that I challenged myself……I went to my bounce class! It did not work out well for me! My moves were all over the place and my breathing was a total mess.

Push Yourself Through Anxiety - Give Yourself a Mental Slap!

After the class I cried for so many reasons but after the support I got from these amazing people, I found something to smile about.

I gave myself a mental slap….only I can reach down and drag myself out of this rut.

If I’m truthful, pushing myself to go to the bounce class was a positive move. It got me out the house (going stir crazy!) and allowed me to meet with other people who I know, and I didn’t feel out of place with.

I didn’t feel awkward, I just felt OK. My head was totally fuzzy though!

Good Friends - Those Who Push You To Exercise!

After a quick chat with my good friends, they made me see that even though I was low and my head wasn’t in the right place I still made positive steps!!!

This is huge for someone who has depression or anxiety.

A little part of me said ‘you know what you got to do’ and by god I do….I need to sit up, pull my workout leggings on, get the sports bra out, trainers on and work my rear end off!

Clinical trials have shown that exercise greatly improves the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Releasing those happy endorphins through exercise is a much better life choice than relying on cheese and chocolate (guilty……oh so guilty).

Win The Battle - Get Out Of Your Front Door!

It can feel like one of the hardest thing you will do, but if you can make it out your front door, you are winning the battle!

Push yourself to go to an exercise class, the gym or even the local swimming bath. In doing this, you have made massive steps, and that is an empowering feeling, one that will give you strength as you continue to push yourself.

All you need is a good set friends and to dig deep and you will find your inner power to go above and beyond….It is not easy but if you can make it out of the front door, you can carry on your journey to greatness!

Be a Good Friend! Take Them Out For a Walk!

More of your friends will have anxiety, depression or OCD than you will ever know. I know from first hand experience, it is not something you will be advertising!  Sometimes friends and family will notice, but not say anything….

If you have noticed that a close friend or family member is showing signs of depression or anxiety, TALK TO THEM.

Give them a focus point that will help get them out for something simple, like a walk. Even a walk will release endorphins and they will feel better.

It is not a race, it is a journey. Your journey, their journey. Whoever you take with you is your choice. Just make sure they make you happy and do not bring any more negativity to your life.

So get your trainers or walking shoes on, for your own benefit. Then get your friends out walking and talking. You will not believe the positive difference it will make!


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