Sarah’s Blog – Living It Up in LA!

Cycling to Santa Monica

Sarah’s Blog – Living It Up in LA!

I love the LA lifestyle. I love the warm and sunny weather.

I love the way you see cafés and restaurants jam-packed during 9-5 business hours, when you’d expect everyone to be stuck in an office – instead you see people tapping away at their laptops in Starbucks and making calls when they’re at the beach, out for lunch or even hiking in the Hollywood hills.

This is definitely a lifestyle I could get used to!

The dress code is super casual, which I LOVE! As a girl who pretty much lives in trainers, I love that jeans, t-shirts and trainers or flip-flops are the way forward in LA!

Muscle Beach Pose

Healthy Living in LA

Swing your kettlebell in any direction and you will no doubt hit a gym or fitness studio.

They are everywhere!

If it’s healthy or fitness-related you’ll find it in LA.

Need an organic juice fix? There’s a juice bar right around the corner, next to the spin studio.

Want to join a Crossfit gym? Take your pick!

L.A. is the kind of place that encourages anything new and healthy, and they especially love their yoga!

If it’s healthy, trendy or the latest fitness fad, then you will definitely find it in LA.

So what did this Health Chick get up to when I visited LA for my birthday last weekend?

Well it wasn’t 100% healthy that’s for sure, but it was definitely a memorable weekend away!

Thursday 19th October

In N Out Burger

My sister and I flew out from Gatwick in the afternoon and landed in Los Angeles early evening.

We picked up our Mustang convertible (in tart red, obvs) and headed straight down the freeway to start our LA adventure!

And what’s the first stop any savvy tourist makes when they fly into LAX?

In-N-Out Burger of course! Honestly chicks, it’s to die for.

Whenever I visit the US I have to come clean, my #1 guilty pleasure is stuffing my face with a “Double-Cheeseburger and animal style fries.”

They also have this secret menu that lets you order special stuff that’s not on the regular menu.

Although to be honest I don’t think it’s that much of a secret now.

Mustang Convertible

Friday 20th October

Our first whole day and the real fun begins!

First we drove to the Beverly Hills hotel for breakfast and OMG I forgot how ENORMOUS the food portions are out in LA!

I ordered buttermilk pancakes with syrup, and I’m not joking what came out looked like a Victoria Sponge, it was HUGE!

With the buttons on my dress already about to pop, to top it off they then brought out a complimentary birthday chocolate torte – that’s right, a DESSERT!

For breakfast!

Diet officially over.

‘How did they know it was my birthday?’ I asked Em. ‘I told them when I booked’, she said.

Cheers, sis.

Beverly Hills Hotel Pancakes

Shopping Is My Cardio!

Hot Tub

But what better way to burn off a stack of pancakes the size of the Eiffel Tower than by shopping right?

Shopping was literally my cardio that day.

We walked all the way down Rodeo Drive, naturally stopping to take a photo by the fountain outside Tiffany’s and pretending we were Cher from Clueless, and then walked all the way back up (via Louis Vuitton, unsurprisingly) – I definitely hit my Fitbit steps that day!

In fact every day was a green day in LA!

The whole time I was there I hit my steps target, my calorie burn, my active minutes and even my sleep target (I put that last one down to being child-free).

The hardest thing to hit was the floors target – Hollywood hills aside, LA is pretty flat to walk around and we were staying in a ground level accommodation so apart from walking up escalators at the mall, there weren’t actually that many stairs to climb!

All that walking definitely meant we deserved some relaxation time in our hot tub when we got back to the apartment – the perfect LA style end to our first day in LA!

Rodeo Drive Shopping

Saturday 21st October

Cycling to Santa Monica

Day 2 was without a doubt our active day!

Talk about embracing the LA lifestyle!

I started the day with a backyard boot camp workout, having remembered to pack my skipping rope (it’s a personal trainer’s best travel accessory), and alternated jump rope intervals with bodyweight moves such as push-ups, crab kicks, jump lunges and BURPEES!

I only did 20-mins or so but it was a serious body blast and definitely set me up for the day.

I love working out in the sun.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again chicks – NEVER forget to pack your skipping rope when you go away!

So Saturday was beach day and our first stop was a visit to the famous.. Muscle Beach Venice!

The most famous outdoor gym in the world, this is where all the fitness fanatics (and tourists!) gather to train and basically show off and work on their amazing physiques.

As you can imagine I couldn’t resist pretending I was part of the bodybuilding gang, so I had to have a little pose on the winner’s podium.

Oh and a handstand against the wall.

I don’t think many tourists took my picture though…

Next up was a walk along Venice Beach and when we came across a bike hire shop we just knew it had to be done – we hired a couple of bikes then cycled all the way to Santa Monica pier and back, and saw some amazing views of the beach and the ocean along the way.

Definitely beats cycling to town in the rain, like we do at home!

Another workout in the bag.. And we weren’t even trying! Gotta love LA. 

Dinner at Celeb spot Craig’s and then a couple of glasses of champagne at SUR (that one was my choice – I’m obsessed with Vanderpump Rules!) rounded off the evening perfectly.

Muscle Beach Handstand

Sunday 22nd October

Horse Riding

Our last day in LA and our trip has gone waaaay too quickly.

We couldn’t be sad for long though as our flight was early evening so we had pretty much a whole day to enjoy the last of our new favourite city.

Starting with… a trip to the Cheesecake Factory for breakfast (yes you heard me right) and then off to Sunset Ranch for horse riding in the Hollywood Hills.

I find it hilarious that even somewhere as simple as the Cheesecake Factory has valet parking!

Horse riding was amazing.

I rode a gorgeous horse called Violet, who I actually wanted to take home with me, and even managed to get a tan whilst we were out on the hills!

Best of all we passed the famous Holloywood sign during our ride (you know the one!).

Actually perhaps even better than that was the fact FitBit logged our ride as yet another workout!

Monday 23rd October - Back to reality.

After pretty much sleeping through the whole 10-hour flight it was off the plane and straight to Park Club to teach my SpinFit class!

What jet lag??

So would I move to LA?

In a heartbeat!

This city is soooo fun and interesting.

There are so many exciting activities, sights, sounds and foods to discover and enjoy.

Living in Los Angeles is never dull. I can’t wait to go back one day!

If you have any questions, then please ask 🙂

Sarah x

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Sarah’s Blog – Living It Up in LA!
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